Cartier 150th Anniversary Platinum Fountain Pen France Limited Edition 1997

USD 1,550

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  • Rare Cartier Platinum Fountain pen 150th Anniversary limited edition of 1847 pieces from 1997.
  • This is the 1997 Louis Cartier Art Deco stylo-plume in platinum finish with blue lacquer adornments launched to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of the firm.
  • Only 1847 pieces made.
  • The base of the clip has the cartier ‘C’ in relief, and the bottom of the cap has the name Louis Cartier engraved, as well as the registered number of the pen.
  • Has a saphire in the bottom.
  • The very large nib is platinum-plated 18 karat gold, also with the Cartier logo.
  • The pen can use cartridges or converters.
  • Measures over 5.5 inches (14.2cm) capped.
    6.5 inches (16.5cm) posted.
  • It’s big, it’s heavy and it’s beautiful.
  • Comes in a Cartier red box.
  • No papers.
  • Few can seriously doubt the quality of anything made by Louis Cartier.
    History and reputation guarantee that jewelry bearing the Cartier logo is going to be of the highest quality, made by top craftsmen of the finest materials.
  • That is also true when it comes to a Louis Cartier fountain pen, especially a limited edition fountain pen commemorating the company’s 150th year.
  • The platinum finish and blue lacquer Art Deco pen from Cartier is a beautiful creation.
  • The platinum finish almost makes sterling silver look like a weak sister
    and the two blue lacquer rings are a perfect measure of contrast.
  • Nib is 18 Karat Gold.
  • Made in France.