Rare beautiful Astoria Montblanc rolled gold octagonal safety N. 2

USD 1,790

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  • Very rare Astoria Montblanc fountain pen.
  • Eight sided, two pattern, rolled gold overlay.
  • This rare Octagonal pen has a stone, probably a sapphire on top.
  • Safety 2 ST with a # 2 nib, 11.5 cm closed and 17 cm with cap
  • Rare and collectable vintage octagonal safety pen N 2 by Astoria .
  • The pen company Astoria was a Montblanc sub brand.
  • In the early 1920’s a former Montblanc employee left Montblanc to start his own company Astoria, the company did not last that long and was bought out by Montblanc in the 30’s Montblanc did continue making pens under the Astoria name after the buy out, however the most collectable Astoria pens are the early ones before the Montblanc take over, this is one of them.
  • The pen is in excellent condition and the retractable nib works perfectly .
  • The pen has a stunning gold rolled overlay, in excellent condition.
    The cap unscrews perfectly and the nib is in excellent condition and a lovely writer.
  • The pen is 13.9cm closed and 18.1cm open.
    The nib is 14 karat Gold, Astoria No. 2.
  • Imprint “2.ST” on the barrel end.
  • The nib is a Medium.
  • The company Astoria was founded in 1921 by the former Montblanc managing director George Ilger together with Herman Dietzel, Siegmund Popper and Wilhelm Frings in Hamburg. The fountain pens are similar to those of Montblanc. The brand is also reminiscent of Montblanc due to the black and white colors.
  • Many of the produced writing instruments were exported abroad. The assortment included safety holders and lever fillers, which were very often decorated with an overlay of gold or silver.
  • Later, push-button fountain pens followed.
    In the 1930s, Astoria became financially troubled, the company was purchased again by Montblanc in 1932 and expelled util 1936.
  • The company was founded in 2009 newly brought to life in the year 2010.
  • Astoria’s uniqueness consists of the special processing of ebonite and careful handwork.
  • Every writing instrument is handcrafted and built to create a completely high-quality product. Even ink guides are newly manufactured in detail, so that the quality meets the particularly high standard of Astoria.